What We Do

Empower your Intellectual Property

We focus on IP as an actual business asset/capital investment. Unlike most capital investments, it is difficult to determine the absolute value of patents and IP. Portfolios must be evaluated with an eye towards market value based on which products are using the patents and the risks and rewards of owning and using portfolios.

We provide patent monetization and development. We evaluate portfolios for strengths and weaknesses, look for infringing products, prepare claim charts and provide evaluation for either sales of licensing. We also consult on portfolio development and can advise the acquiring and loss of certain patents within a portfolio to make it more viable.


Our resources are scalable, which means we find the resources you need for your project, no matter the size. We grow and shrink our staff based on the needs of your project and are flexible in our facilities. We have access to a wide range of contractors to provide expertise on appropriate projects, and contacts that perform a variety of laboratory services in a number of industries.


We solve problems for business. Regardless of the customary, often expensive, practices, we focus on what your business needs are first, and design a program to meet them.


We provide many patent related services, including technical analysis, early case assessment, and portfolio valuation and assessment.


We are sensitive to the confidential nature of intellectual property. We have experience in encrypted cloud-based file storage, encrypted messaging and encrypted email and recommend the use of secure communication and data storage.

Extensible Labs provides patent monetization consulting and technical analysis of intellectual property, including preparing claim charts, patent mining, and portfolio characterization, for a limited and select client set.

XL maintains a team of skilled contractors and subject matter experts in a wide variety of fields.

We do not provide legal advice. See our disclaimer.